The rules applicable here involve Search Skill rolls, mostly. Since none of the characters are in combat, non-combat rules apply. 2d8 would be rolled, plus stat modifier for the skill. Search is wisdom-based and has no prerequisite skills…. however….

The ship is pitch black, reducing the effective search skill to the maximum TC of the equipment used to aid searching. without anything, your effective skill level is zero. The vuchelk’shi officer has a flashlight, enabling him, and others in his party at the GM’s discretion, to use up to a skill level of 2, corresponding to the light’s TC of B. Search difficulty would likely be a matter of what your looking for in the dark, of course.

There would be a Strength check to budge the door, but with 3 people involved in moving it that could be judged a formality. How to do it is covered near the end of the rules book, chapter one.