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The Diud Empire:
    The Diud people are a good-natured bunch, but their on-going war with the Vuchelk’shi has colored them a bit. They have a natural affinity for working together and they like being part of a team. This makes them especially suited for the military form of government that they have.
    Diud are shorter than humans on average and are covered in a velvety gray fur. They prefer cooler climates and dark colors. They are usually seen wearing military fatigues. The maximum life span of a Diud is 800 years. During this time, Diud change very little, physically. In their last year of life, Diud age rapidly and painfully as cell division in their bodies virtually ceases. They then die. Diud have a great deal of respect for soldiers as nearly half of their population is in the armed forces. They are virtually always armed, usually with automatic weapons. Even their children are taught the basics of marksmanship. Many of them have firearms at the age of fourteen, which is equivalent to a human age of eleven or twelve. For this reason, human police forces dislike them a great deal. What motivates a Diud? Not money. Human credits are worthless in the Diud Empire, and Diud won’t have anything to do with Vuchelk’shi Ryll, the only other kind of money used by anyone. Diud chits are reasonably valuable in the Empire

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· Is a skill based character system with level based elements.
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